The participating members at the 2022 World Championships

This page introduces our members competing in the 2022 IFSS World Championships, 2022 WSA Sprint & Mid-Distance World Championship and the 2022 IFSS/WSA Long Distance (Polardistans) World Championship

Team leader of TEAM NL speaking

The Sledehonden Sport Club Nederland (SSC-NL) is the Dutch sleddog sports association that is affiliated with the IFSS. Through the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) membership, the SSC-NL is affiliated with the world sports association. As a member of the SSC-NL you can compete for the Netherlands at world championships and European championships of the IFSS and recently also of the WSA (world association for purebred dogs).


The objective of the SSC-NL is to promote, publicize and promote the sled dog sport in the Netherlands, so that Dutch people who are lovers of the sled dog sport can find information about the sport and participate in competitions.

SSC-NL TEAM NL consists of members of SSC NL who form a team with their own dogs at the European and World Championships. The teams train individually with their own training program in their own surrounding and own materials.


SSC NL tries to send the best teams to the World Cups and European Championships of the IFSS and WSA.

The participants of SSC-NL TEAM NL have the goal to compete as Underdogs from the Netherlands against the best teams from all over the world. In recent years this has been achieved with great success and several medals. We expect to be able to compete again at international top level with the selected teams.  

The selected teams will introduce themselves and keep an eye on this page and the socials. We will share as much information about the teams and performance as possible.  

Team leader TEAM NL Stefan Donker


Participants IFSS / WSA World Championships 2022