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The best sleddog photographer 2021

The cups for The best sleddog photographer 2021 goes to

The best sleddog photography 2021

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The best sleddog photography 2021

Monica van Maden


First place Coen Zondervan

Review Monica van Madeno

The composite is beautifully chosen here  and you went very nicely low to capture this image, The front dogs are nicely sharp and you can clearly see that the image runs off nicely into the depth.

The two front dogs are nicely sharp and you can clearly see that there is good work in the team, although it seems that the front dogs are not in full action, this is clearly a photo that might give optical illusions, because look at this 

to the right rear dog .. very cool and the owner you can also clearly see that he goes along in the bend.


And the dew that comes off the dogs and the light, this is just magical.. Very well done!

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Second place Rebecca Etman

Review Monica van Madeno

This is a beautiful image, there is a very nice depth of field in this photo and a beautiful composition, the colors are also very beautiful of the forest! nice calm and soft ... a beautiful autumn picture! You can clearly see from this photo that she is doing well in a team and through the  tension of the leash between the dog and the owner  it really seems to me that the dog is somehow encouraging the owner to keep going!  


Take a good look at the owner's face... very well captured this photo!

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Third place Willem Binnendijk

Review Monica van Madeno

A great photo, you can really see from this photo that the dogs enjoy working, all the dogs look happy, they are dirty and the eyes sparkle.. the colors of the forest come out beautifully here too.

The composite and sharpness are beautiful, and what I love about this photo is that the front paws of the front dogs are almost in sync! great job.

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The best sleddog portrait photography 2021



The best sleddog portrait photography 2021

Nuelle Flipse

Nuelle Flipse photography

First place Harold Spierenburg

Review Nuelle Flipsea

Fantastic portrait! Everything is present in this photo. You can see the vapor coming from the fur and the soft autumn colors in the background complete the picture. This beautiful dog is ready! The structure of this photo is very nice.

That has been thought about! The soft foreground, the sharpness on the head and the eyes of the dog and then you see the blur again running away to the back. The light falls very nicely on the fur and illuminates the whole just right. A picture!


It is not easy to photograph a dog with both white and black fur where both remain clearly visible instead of the white biting out and the black looking like a dark spot. In this photo you can see the hairs of the fur in both black and white.


Nice work and this is the winning photo for me! 


Second place Yvonne Bekkers

Review Nuelle Flipsea

Marvelous picture! Although the dogs are relaxed, you can still see the concentrated look on what is to come. The second dog that falls into the blur completes this photo. There's a story in it! Compliments here too that both the white and black fur are perfectly highlighted. The sharpness is "spot on", you can count the hairs on the ears.


What is very beautiful and strong in this photo is the repetition factor. You see two dogs where the colors keep coming back. Right down to the piece of blue on the collar! Beautifully seen and well captured!!

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Third place Gea Strucks

Review Nuelle Flipsea

An endearing photo that will keep you looking! You see the rain drops falling on the dog and that gives the wet coat. This betrays that this is not just an outdoor portrait, but a photo taken at a special location where work is being done.


The soft look almost misleads you at first! But you can see from the pulled leash that this dog is ready for the action! Beautiful are the eyes that differ in color in combination with the expressive look of this dog.


A beautiful portrait with a good story! Nice work! 

Gea Strucks

The best triptych sleddog photography 2021

Henny Robben.jpg


The best triptych sleddog photography 2021

Henny Robben

Nature photography Henny Robben

First place Antoine Sprangers

Rating Henny Robben:

Antoine really did a wonderful job here. The composition is right, a nice sharpness of the dog and participant, a nice soft background so that the attention for me goes straight to the dog and participant. The three photos fit well together and from the triptych someone who was not present at the race can still see that this is a sled dog race.

The concentration of dog and participant before the race. The finish with a tired face of the participant and the dog that looks nicely into the lens completes the picture nicely. How well the match went or not the bond with dog and owner is the most important and is clearly translated in photo three.

And all this together with the beautiful outfit of the participant and beautiful dog, this is definitely the winning photo for me!

Very well done Antoine.


Second Place Talitha Schop

Rating Henny Robben:

Talitha did a fantastic job and she did a very good and beautiful job, I know better than anyone how difficult it is to photograph a black dog in action, without it becoming a big black spot…. and certainly also when the weather conditions are much less, so you have to make good choices with your camera for the right settings, and that worked out well here!


What I personally like about this triptych is that you can clearly see that the dog and participant are working very hard together. At the finish photo, the dog is nicely sharp and it can be seen that the participant quickly stops his time on his watch.


The last photo shows the bond between participant and dog very nicely, I think this photo is the strongest of the triptych.

Well done Talitha!


Third Place Annemiek Muller-Rijnaard

Beoordeling Henny Robben:

Annemiek heeft hier een duidelijke drieluik afgeleverd van de Kivo Kempentrail 2021. Zoals vele fotograven kunnen beamen dat de weeromstandigheden niet heel prettig waren met veel regen en blubber tijdens de race.  


De drieluik verteld het verhaal goed van het sledehonden team in de wedstrijd de concentratie van de musher omdat de trail enorm uitdagend was door de blubber. En op de laatste foto de drink pauze van de leidhondjes omdat het toch best warm was voor de hondjes. Nu denk ik wel dat het hondje links op de foto toch geen zin had in een blubber bad 😊

Goed verhaal en goed gedaan Annemiek!

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The best sleddog photographer public award 2021

First Place Kim Hahn

The public could choose one winner from all photos and categories, which they could judge on the SSC-NL website.

The photographer with the most votes online from the public has won this title. This title and trophy is only for the winner with the most votes.


The best three photographers will also receive a publication in Onze Hond magazine.

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