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The best sleddog photography 2021

The best triptych sleddog photography 2021

The best sleddog portrait photography 2021

We are pleased and proud to introduce the following jury members and categories to you.

The best sleddog photography 2021
Action photo of the sled dog teams.
For this category we have again found Monica van der Maden willing to judge the action photos. Monica van der Maden from Rijen is the best dog photographer in the world. She entered a competition from The Kennel Club, Britain's largest dog site and has won several titles over the years with her photos.

Monica expects a lot of action, mud and sled dogs from the participants in the photos. For more tips, check out Monica's reviews that she has included with The best sleddog photography 2019.

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The best sleddog photography 2021

Monica van Maden


The best sleddog portrait photography 2021
Portrait photo of the sled dog


We have found Nuelle Flipse willing to assess the portrait photos for this category. Nuelle has won the following awards this year: The Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021, this is one of the most prestigious photo competitions in the world! And won the Golden Medal with the photo contest Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021. This is "The world largest photo art contest". With a photo in the category "people and Pets. In addition to dogs in action photography and studio photography, people know Nuelle van de ( dog) portrait photography. 

The portrait photography can be done at our stake-out (the place where the caravans and the dogs are outside on a large meadow). want the picture.

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The best sleddog portrait photography 2021

Nuelle Flipse

Nuelle Flipse photography


The best triptych sleddog photography 2021
The triptych who tells the most beautiful story through three photos and his story under his three photos.


We have found the right jury member for this category in the name of Henny Robben aka MISTER KEMPENTRAIL. We dare to say that Henny is our house photographer who has been on the trail for many years in the mud and rain with his huge lenses to give the sled dog teams the most wonderful memory. Henny has been practicing the sled dog sport for years and can be found next to the trails in nature where he makes small insects very large in unique ways with his macro lenses. Henny Robben is a versatile photographer and does animal photography, landscape photography and macro photography.

Henny Robben foto23.jpg


The best triptych sleddog photography 2021

Henny Robben

Nature photography Henny Robben

Henny Robben.jpg

The best sleddog photographer public award 2021
The public can choose one winner from all photos and categories, which they can judge on the SSC-NL website.

The photographer with the most votes online from the public has won this title. This title and trophy is for the winner only.

How you can win this title and book a free ticket is very simple.

At the bottom of this page you can order a free ticket to click on the register button so that we know which photographers are present at our event.

After the Kivo Kempentrail you have until November 7, 2021 to send your most beautiful photo that was taken during the Kivo Kempentrail 2021 to the webmaster, you can participate in all three categories. Your photo will be placed on our SSC-NL website, after which the professional jury will choose the most beautiful photo and explain why this photo is the most beautiful.

The photos are not only judged by a professional jury but the winning  photo of each category will be published in the magazine OUR HOND !

Onze Hond is the largest and oldest dog magazine in the Netherlands and is full of information on how to handle your dog, both in terms of behavior and medically. We are proud that our dog wants to commit to us again this year and have the confidence in the photographers so that they can expect beautiful pictures from us.

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Also this year there are three trophies to win per category for the number 1, 2 and 3 sponsored by TNES | Trophies & Show Ribbons

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