The best sleddog photographer


The best sleddog photographer 2019

The cup for The best sleddog photographer 2019 goes to

Danielle Kock


Second place went to John Elbers and third place went to Mary van den Boogaard.

We would like to thank Monica van Maden for making these difficult choices.

And our sponsor TNES for the jars.

The best three photographers also received a publication in the magazine Onze Hond .

Onze_Hond_cover_Kivo_Kempentrail_2019 pn
Onze Hond the Best sleddog png.png

1st Place Danielle Kock

Review Monica van Maden:

Danielle has really done a great job here, The composition is correct, a nice sharpness of the dogs and a nice soft background so that the attention for me immediately goes to the dogs .. what completes the picture for me is the almost synchronous attitude of both dogs and the happy faces, the tension on the leash that you see in the left dog to the scooter and the active attitude of the owner! And all this together with the beautiful autumn colors is definitely the winning photo for me! Very well done Danielle ..

Kivo Kempentrail - DaKo Fotografie.jpg

Second Place John Elbers

Review Monica van Maden:

John has done a fantastic job and he has done a very good and beautiful job, I know better than anyone how difficult it is to photograph several black dogs in action, without it becoming a big black spot…. and especially if the weather conditions are less, so you have to make good choices with your camera for the right settings, and that worked out well here! What I personally love about this photo is that you can clearly see that the whole team is working hard! The muscles of the dogs do not lie and the splashing mud is also fantastic! My attention goes first to the 2 front dogs, because woow what a fanatic say that!


Third Place Mary van den Boogaard

Review Monica van Maden:

Mary has chosen a more difficult corner to take pictures here, because of course the dogs run, and they clearly come around the corner and which is also blocked by a thick tree on the right side, as a photographer you simply have to can respond and control your camera well to take a nice sharp photo, she used a large aperture here and that means that you only have a very small sharpness, which is why I think it is so good that they do this well managed! (because you have no idea how and when the dogs come around the bend) You are also nicely drawn in the line of the dogs to the right, so the composition is certainly successful for me .. Well done Mary!

Mary van den Boogaard.jpg