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Stefan Donker is 33 years old and lives in Veldhoven. I have been active in sled dog sport since I was 11 years old. Initially as Handler of Hans Mast's team. I walked there for years to learn the tricks of the trade. In between my studies I was a Handler with Eddy Streeper in America to learn more there as well. About 12 years ago Ilse and I started the team Tartok Speed of Udaschka. Currently our kennel consists of 13 dogs, the majority of which are self-bred. We have specialized in open competitions and we do that with the so-called Hounds.


The chairman falls under the general meeting of members. Under the chairman is PR and the sponsor committee.

Purpose: to lead and manage the association and the general management of the association.

A chairman must be able to represent what the group wants. It is not always waited for a chairperson from the group to come forward, often a chairperson is appointed. The chairman of a board is organizing rather than leading within his function. In this case it is the group that makes its own leader and not the leader that makes the group.




Monitors the statutes;

Ensures a proper division of tasks within the board;

Represents the organization to the outside world, maintains contacts with important authorities;

Prepares the board meetings;

Chairs board meetings;

Draws up an agenda (together with the secretary);

Promotes an efficient and pleasant meeting climate;

Clearly summarize what has been discussed and decided;

Checks whether the decisions are actually implemented;

Co-signer of official documents.