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In 2014 I started in the sled dog sport together with my friend Edward Geertse. We started canicrossing with our two border collies, but our pack soon expanded with hounds and graysters to be able to do all parts of the sled dog sport in addition to canicrossing. 

  We have 11 sweet greysters & hounds and two border collies, who all love to walk and with whom we travel all over Europe to catch the most beautiful competitions.

  As a board member I hope to be able to help and support all members of SSC NL with their sporting questions and competitions

I am also open to all questions related to Sport.

 Sports coordinator

Main task

Responsible for sports technical policy;

Represents the SSC-NL within the association board of the IFFS;

Maintains substantive contact with the IFSS about the racing rules;

Reports IFSS meetings to the board and passes minutes to the association secretary;

Indicates wishes/problems from the competition participants to the board and feeds this back to the competition participants;

Ensures good communication between the board and the competition participants;

Coordinates the overall sports technical policy;



Sports coordinator

Marjolein Bil