Members of the Sleddog Sport Club Netherlands

How to become a full member of the SSC-NL

When you join the sled dog sport club, the SSC-NL, you first become an aspiring member, you can become a full member afterwards if you have met the following requirements.

Have run 3 official snow competitions in 1 season.

Have been a paying prospective member for at least one year, provided that they have completed within the last completed competition season(1)  have run at least three snow races, with at least 2 finished days, (2) OR a multi-day race with at least 6 stages, (3) OR a  long distance race of at least 160 km.

The prospective member has paid for a minimum of 4 years and has run a minimum of 4 cart races and 4 snow races in those 4 years.

Above our members who are members of the Sledhonden Sport Club Nederland.