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For participation in the Kivo Kempentrail 2021 we must receive a chip list from your dogs. You can download the chip list under the CHIP LIST button. As soon as you have saved this on your computer, you can upload the form under the button +CHOOSE FILE. If you find any problems, you can contact the webmaster for this.

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More information about chipping and registering.

Is your dog already chipped and registered? In the Netherlands, chipping and registration of dogs is mandatory. The registration obligation applies to every dog that was born after April 1, 2013 or comes from abroad. Rules will be added in the course of 2021.

Why new rules?

The demand for dogs in the Netherlands is very high. Not all dogs come from good breeders. Much of the trade is illegal. A lot of money can be made from puppies in the illegal dog trade. And little consideration is given to the health of the dogs. Additional rules are therefore desperately needed. So that we can prevent things like:

  • puppies separated from their mother at too young age;

  • transport of dogs in poor conditions;

  • sick and poorly socialized puppies coming to new owners;

  • infected dogs that are a public health hazard (for example, rabies, a disease that passes from dogs to humans);

  • misleading dog buyers by selling foreign puppies with Dutch chips and passports.

New rules for registration of dogs

The new Dog Identification & Registration (I&R) ensures better control of the dog trade. Breeders, importers, vets and chippers are registered in the new I&R Hond. It will soon be clear where the dog comes from. And who gave the dog a chip and passport. The existing registration obligation for commercial pet keepers will continue to exist. Below you will find per category how it is now and what will change.

Information for dog owners

Is your dog having a one-time litter? Or are you getting a dog from abroad? Then you must apply for a Unique Company Number (UBN). You will need this number if you register your animal(s) with the vet.

Information for breeders and importers

How it is now:

  • Breeders and importers have their dogs chipped by a vet or chipper. They register their dogs themselves at a designated database.

  • Dogs in the Netherlands only need a passport if they go abroad.

How it will soon be:

  • Breeders and importers register themselves with us. They will then receive UBN. Do you already have a UBN as a commercial breeder or importer? Then you can just use that number.

  • A UBN is required to register the dog. Therefore, make sure you have your UBN to hand if you have your dog(s) chipped at a vet or chipper.

  • The vet or chipper registers at a designated portal that the dog has been chipped.

  • As a breeder, you register the puppy's birth at a designated portal. You do the same with the chip number of the mother.

  • The dog passport is mandatory for all dogs.

  • The vet registers the passport at a designated portal.

  • As an importer, you have the first registration of the dog done by a veterinarian. The vet registers the import, chip and passport at a portal.

Information for buyers of dogs

How it is now:

  • Dog buyers register the dog by name at a designated database.

  • The new holder passes on all changes to the database. Think of a change of address, loss, export or the death of the dog.

  • As a buyer you may only buy a dog with a chip and registration.

How it will soon be:

  • Only buy a dog with a chip, registration and an official pet passport.

Information for veterinarians

How it is now:

  • The vet (or chipper) will chip the dog.

  • The vet issues an official pet passport to the holder of a microchipped dog.

How it will soon be:

  • The vet ensures the correct practice address in the register for vets (CIBG).

  • Only at this address will the vet receive ordered chips and passports.

  • The vet records the dog's chip number at a designated portal. The vet also does this with the passport number. For both registrations, the doctor needs the UBN of the holder.

Information for chippers

How it is now:

  • The chipper (or vet) will chip the dog.

How it will soon be:

  • The chipper must be registered with us. Every chipper registers directly with us.

  • Only registered chippers are allowed to chip. And only with a registration you will receive chips from an approved supplier. These are delivered to the practice address listed in the register.

  • The chipper registers the chip number of the dog at a designated portal. For this, the chipper needs the UBN of the holder.

Information for chip and passport suppliers

How it is now:

  • Suppliers receive unique numbers for chips and passports from us.

  • Each supplier keeps records. This states to whom they sell the chips and passports.

How it will soon be:

  • Suppliers keep digital administration. They do that with us. This contains all vets and chippers who have bought chips and passports.

  • Suppliers may only send the chips and passports to the practice address. This address is in our register where all chippers and vets are listed.

What are designated portals?

You register your dog at a portal. You can also register other pets, but this is only mandatory for dogs. We have therefore designated several portals where dog owners can go. We work with many organizations to improve animal welfare. The portals that we have designated are also actively participating in this.

We have made agreements with the portals. For example, each portal ensures that your data is safe. All data goes straight from the portals to our central database. For example, the government has information about all dogs in the Netherlands.

How it is now:

  • Databases store information about dog owners. They pass on the information that is required to us.

How it will soon be:

  • Databases will be called portals. The data of dog owners will then be passed on to us immediately.

Designated Portals

Don't buy a dog without a chip

It is prohibited by law to buy a dog without a chip and registration. You will also have to make sure that the dog has a passport. This way you know more about the history of the animal. You can then, for example, check who the mother is and whether the dog has had its vaccinations. Vendors who sell dogs without a passport, chip and registration are not following the law. They probably want to remain invisible to the government. Then ask yourself whether this person wants the best for the dog.

Did you accidentally buy a dog without registration? Have you been scammed with a fake passport? In any case, apply for a UBN immediately. And register your new dog with a designated portal.

More information

Do you have questions about the registration of dogs? Please contact one of the portals. More information about keeping, chipping and registering pets can be found at the  National Information Center for Companion Animals .