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Stefan Donker


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Rob de Hoogh - Bomb


My name is Rob, I have been familiar with sled dogs since 1982 through the Samoyeds of my parents.


In my youth I worked as a kennel assistant for more than 5 years at various husky and Samoye kennels. In 1994 came my first Alaskan Malamutes with whom we have been active in both show and sport.


After more than 15 years Malamutes switched to the Siberian Husky with which we are now active in the sled dog sport. Together with my wife Ellen, now proud owners of 2 Malamutes and 8 Siberians. Together with the enthusiastic fellow board members, I am open to good ideas, suggestions and questions from our members.


Angelique Verhaegen


My name is Angelique Verhaegen.

I have had huskies for almost 25 years now and have been doing sled dog sports for 20 years, the first 5 years with a group of dogs from all different owners, but soon we wanted to stand on our own two feet and set up our own team.

I have bred 3 litters from which we have kept a total of 4 dogs that are part of our 8 dog team, we ourselves have 4 Siberians but a puppy bred by us also goes with every training / competition.

At the moment we have 4 huskies, 1 Dutch Shepherd and a hound.


You can ask me all your questions about financial matters.

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Marjolein Bil

Sports coordinator

My name is Marjolein Bil

In 2014 I started in the sled dog sport together with my friend Edward Geertse. We started canicrossing with our two border collies, but soon our pack expanded with hounds and graysters to be able to do all parts of the sled dog sport in addition to canicrossing.  


We have 11 sweet greysters & hounds and two border collies, who all love to walk and with whom we travel all over Europe to catch the most beautiful competitions.


As a board member I hope to be able to help and support all members of SSC NL with their sporting questions and competitions

I am also open to all questions related to Sport.

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Martijn Verhaegen


“Martijn Verhaegen founded 'Nuyvilaq' in April 2002 together with his wife Angelique. Nuyvilaq means 'afraid of nothing' in the Eskimo language. After almost 20 years in the sled dog sport with their Purebred Siberian Huskies, it was enough and a new phase started for the team Nuyvilaq because no renewal of the team, with the dogs we have we will of course remain active until the when they can no longer and/or do not want to.

In 2015 a Dutch Shepherd was added to the pack called Xtreme where my passion went completely and I bundled all my experience in different dog sports in my own training program Technical Obedience.

For all your questions about the website you can contact me and of course photos and competition results are always welcome!