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Ilse Donker - Verschoor

My name is Ilse Donker-Verschoor. I have been in sled dog sport since childhood. My parents the Udaschka kennel are also still active. So it has been in it since childhood. First I had a husky team, but in the meantime I switched to Hounds. I have a team together with Stefan Donker. My goal is to mean something for sledding sport in the broadest sense of the word. With the current board, I hope to continue building a sporting future for the SSC-NL.



Rob de Hoogh - Bomb


I am Rob, since 1982 familiar with the sled dogs through the samoyeds of my parents. In my youth I worked as a kennel assistant for more than 5 years at a husky and samoyed kennel. In 1994 my first Alaskan Malamutes with which we have been active in both show and sport. After more than 15 years Malamutes switched to the Siberian Husky with which we are now active in sled dog sport. Together with my wife Ellen now proud owners of 3 Malamutes, 6 Siberian Huskies and a Jack Russel.
Together with the enthusiastic fellow board members, I am open to good ideas, suggestions and questions from our members.



Angelique Verhaegen

My name is Angelique Verhaegen.

I have had huskies for almost 25 years and have been doing sled dog sports for 20 years, the first 5 years with a group of dogs from all different owners, but soon we wanted to stand on our own two feet and we founded our own team.

I have bred 3 litters from which we have kept a total of 4 dogs that run in our 8 dog team, we have 7 siberians ourselves, but a puppy bred by us also lasts every training / competition.

At the moment we have 6 huskies, 1 Dutch shepherd and a hound


You can ask me all your questions about financial matters

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Marjolein Bil

Mijn naam is Marjolein Bil

In 2014 ben ik samen met mijn vriend, Edward Geertse begonnen in de sledenhondensport. We zijn begonnen met canicrossen met onze twee border collies, maar al snel is onze roedel uitgebreid met hounds en greysters om naast het canicrossen alle onderdelen van de sledenhondensport te kunnen bedrijven.  


Wij hebben 11 lieve greysters & hounds en twee border collies, die allen dolgraag willen lopen en waar we heel Europa mee doorreizen om de mooiste wedstrijden mee te pikken.


Als bestuurslid hoop ik alle leden van SSC NL te kunnen helpen en ondersteunen bij hun sportieve vragen en wedstrijden

Ook sta ik voor al de vragen open die betrekking hebben tot de Sport.